Facebook Page # 4

Facebook have deleted the first (3000 likes) and second (800 likes) AND THIRD (900 likes) Stop Brett Joseph Pages! If the scumbag thinks that reporting my pages with his numerous profiles is going to stop me then he should think again! Facebook say that both pages are “bullying” Brett – what a joke! 

I have contacted Facebook to tell them that they need to pick up their act when it comes to what they deem to be “bullying”!

Everything important from the old pages can be found on the website (https://stopbrettjoseph.com) and I’ll keep you all updated from now on the website and this new page. The new Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Stop-Brett-Joseph-1103801263081495/
PLEASE re-like and re-share and re-invite your friends! Lets keep working to stop this stinking, rotten grub! 


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