My name is Daisy Armstrong and I am from Griffith in NSW. In March 2016 I met a man named Brett Joseph on Tinder. We ended up in a relationship – which ended on 1 September 2016 as a result of investigations conducted on behalf of my family.

Please have a look at my links so that you can get a better idea of exactly who this scum is and what he does – and has been doing since about 2007.

Since coming forward with my story, a number of other victims have also come forward with their stories.

My goal is to get this man’s face and story all over social media so that other girls don’t get caught out, conned and left heartbroken the same way I have been.

He is a convicted fraud and a total liar, cheat and conman. I am not the first girl he has done this to – and if we don’t get his face out there then I won’t be the last. He goes under a number of names – Brett Joseph Brett Jay, Brett Ingham, Brett White, Brett Inglis, Brett James, James Brett, Brett Jones, Brett Williams, Reg Brett, Brett Hunter Baillieu Joseph, Brett Johnson, Brett Armstrong, Brett Star, Brett Kepitis, Brett Baillieu, Brett Macdermid, Hunter Baillieu, Matty Johnson, Hunter Joseph, Brett Joseph Ingham Macdermid, Locky Christian, Lockley Christian, Brett Goodman, King Ranch Australia, King Ranch Australia Pty Ltd, Joseph Pastoral Co, Joseph Pastoral, B J Joseph, Brett Joseph Pastoral, Joseph Pastoral, Hunter Valley Pastoral, Hunter Valley Pastoral Co, Hunter Pastoral, Hunter Pastoral Co….and probrably many more!